Sunday, June 26, 2011

Handwriting on the wall?

It appears the screw has turned. Once upon a time in a socialist world far, far away, the elected elite bought homage from union leadership and membership by offering plum contracts. It was a time when the effects of over budgeting and underperformance were easily discarded. And best, not noticed!
But now, as the 'middle' class slowly recedes into the 'upper' working poor, the same elite has found their answer to their image problem. Once again they've found a villain they can sell. Not the ones who overtaxed, bought votes every election, failed to be fiscally responsible and lived quite well from public coffers but the recipients of their 'goodwill'. Once again we are distracted by their slick shell game. Once again two sides of the triangle pay the price!
Will we ever learn. Historically I'm pessimistic. Lots of worse situations have been remedied in time but not without pain and suffering. The cost of complacence and lack of vigilance!
Pay now, or pay later! But it will be paid!

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