Thursday, June 23, 2011

Election coming

How can you tell an election is imminent? First politicians are available for comment and willing to associate with lesser beings, and secondly, everything under the sun is promised if they're elected! The mechanics of how these juicy baubles are going to be paid for doesn't seem to concern them at all. And we, the lesser folks, the electorate, know those promises usually last barely a moment longer than the votes are counted.
Let's end the charade! Make it a truly open election where we call it for what it is. A fraud!
Internet elections are coming, so let's go there. Then the choice made prior to our going to the polls can be implemented without the apparent drama.
Since nothing ever changes, even when opposites are elected and incumbents are sent packing (with handsome exit packages and pensions), why not streamline the system?
We scoff at foreign regimes and the unwitting populace. But who is the joke on really?

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