Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lessons from Vancouver

See, I told you so! The Vancouver Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup finals to the Boston Bruins and fans went nuts! If it weren't for the police who knows what could have happened. They're our first line of defence against anarchy and the loonie toons running around out there.
Decades of shows like 'Law and Order', the A&E network in general, network news, daily papers and politicians have ingrained the menace amongst us.
But, the underreported events were that individuals faced the mob trying to curtail the hooliganism and damage. Videos now released attest to the fact. Also volunteers showed up apparently spontaneously to help in the clean up.
The individuals prompting the mob mentality appeared to be ready for the event, and were sporting backpacks, masks, and a plan.
Yes there are people out there looking to cause trouble and there are miscreants among us but the majority, the silent ones, are there as well. When it matters most can be counted on to do the right thing!
Don't forget mass mentality applies equally to the military and policing as well. Egypt and Syria are testaments to that!

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