Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zero option voting; is that even viable?
Since there is no choice to vote none of the above or to have a write in candidate, why would the majority of the electorate decide to participate. Especially if it's felt they have little positive, in their mind, effect in the process. In the last few votes the percentage not balloting WERE the majority so why not make it more attractive?
Why not have a candidate who would not accept office or pay if elected? Leave the seat empty, do not tally it towards majority or minority government, as a visual reminder of the public distaste and trust in the system. Once the count is done we become irrelevant again for another term!

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Tim Foulke said...

HI! Came to your site by way of Empire Avenue! It is a option in some states to chose "None of the Above" and it does sound attractive to have it at the national level. Not sure though that the resulting vote count would represent those who feel "unrepresented" more than those who are merely uninformed. Though, it would certainly give us a better grasp on the number of voters who just don't care!