Sunday, April 3, 2011

Future lost?

We live in the moment don't we? Without thought of past events or future consequences; just like "dumb" animals. Our human arrogance is such a stumbling block isn't it?
We proclaim ourselves to be sovereign individuals and behave like a pack of, dare I say, sheeple!
Bernays figured out quickly utilizing public relations to make us think we think of our own volition, when in reality we've been manipulated to behave how we should!
We can not fight "fire with fire" as the saying goes; that's a sucker's bet and one we're being lead to pursue! So what to do? Is all lost?
Elections are rigged, the economy is counterfeit, politically correct is not reality but a smoke screen so we need to return to basics. Common sense should rule the day! But that is pretty scarce in our environment. Critical thought has been taken from the majority. We are fed tidbits of propaganda through all forms of media. That leaves us in a malaise of stupor and not capable to comprehend our situation.
Eat, drink and be merry until the music stops! Then comes the hangover; and what a whopper it will be!

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