Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a strange or wonderful country we live in! The conservatives have been given a majority federally for the next four years, the Liberals have been relegated to third party status, the NDP have become the official opposition, and in one fell swoop the Bloc Quebecois party has been decimated! Liberals have had majority governments in the recent past led by Chretien and Trudeau. Never have they been third.
Pundits are predicting that the end of the party could be very close because the elected CPC has vowed to end federal financing of parties.
Meanwhile, due to some of the newly elected NDP representatives' young ages, political pundit Gerry Nicholls has dubbed them the "kindergarten caucus". Also for the first time the husband and wife residents of Stornaway, the official opposition leader's home, are both elected MPPs.
Time will tell whether all this is a good thing or bad, but it will be interesting for sure!

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