Monday, August 15, 2011

US biker rally 'violates' sacred site - Americas - Al Jazeera English

US biker rally 'violates' sacred site - Americas - Al Jazeera English
SPOILER ALERT!!! Controversial comments.
First most will discard this comment because I include an article from Al Jazeera, an Arabic publication.
Secondly, sarcastically, why concern ourselves over a little thing like a bike rally? Lack of concern is systemic in our society these days.
No one is responsible for their actions anymore.
Our civilized society has become the opposite, outwardly at least. It's all about ME!
Well folks the fruits of that are being harvested more and more abundantly each and every day. Like Aretha sang perhaps a little more R-E-S-P-E-C-T
should be mandatory. Everything else is being legislated as such!
In a free society not everyone has the same opinion, or should! But if you want anyone else to hear you please at least listen to them.
Perhaps that's one of the indicators of our status. We no longer feel free enough to voice our opinion.

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