Sunday, August 14, 2011

Confusing times

The city where I live, Brampton, is in the process of building an addition to house the newly added minions of bureaucrats. That's extra to the newly constructed City Hall that sits near the downtown core. It is basically on a diagonal crossing to the new Rose Theatre populating one of the Four Corners. They razed that corner in preparation for it's construction.

Where is all the funding going to come from? The middle class who have been decimated in income and buying capacity?

All this to house bureaucrats who further burden the tax base. They create no value in their quest to regulate and spend other people's harder earned money. I imagine that were there a search conducted, businesses recently sunk by the economy slowdown have left office or warehouse space available somewhere. It's not like they need a special ambiance to inspire them in their 'work'.

Heard a 'story' the other day. Someone needed to do some deliveries to a work site but was restricted because repaving of the road. When the company owner inquired about having separate access, and then made the mistake of complaining about the inability to work.

The answer? In typical mandarin fashion it was related they'll just pull all his permits! Permits to work! INFURIATING

Swollen parasitic pride! I can see the public backlash building. But better than lashing back the perfect answer would be just to say NO WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS ANY LONGER.

And watch them scurry!

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