Sunday, July 24, 2011

the times they are a changing!

And they have been for a long time! I only started to notice it around Trudeau's reign. Liberties were constricting along the steps outlined in 'The Communist Manifesto'. Sounds dramatic, doesn't it?
The most evident sign of the times was the headline in a Toronto paper after Rene Levesque won in Quebec proclaiming "RENE GANG WINS". You can easily make the anagram out of the first two words yourself I think.
Maybe I'm just delusional; I've been called worse! But I don't think I'm the only one!
People with more credibility than I have voiced some of the same opinions! They even made a movie about it with Mel Gibson called the 'CONSPIRACY THEORY'. That's how popular and prevalent the notion has become. Pretty soon everyone will be in the government. At least we'll all be employed! Slave thinking! But, unfortunately for us, there will be no Big Dipper in the night sky to direct us to freedom. All we will be able to do is remember a time when we had opportunity to redirect this ruinous path we're following.
Won't we? Hope so!

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