Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Climate change

I've been reading lots of material and studies relating to how we are ruining the earth and even disrupting the naturals rythmns of Mother Earth herself. I must admit it fosters a feeling of my personal guilt at having been a contributor, somehow, to it's demise. Being a layman though it leaves me dismayed. Until I started to read accounts of how the UN has targeted Libya and has operated 60 bombing runs lately.
Slowly I've come to realize that no where in the vast resources spent to study this phenomena, and disseminate it's truths is there any connection to warfare. Oilfields were blazing for months on end in Iraq, spent uranium shells are laying about in battlefields everywhere, devastation is almost total in areas, along with, I imagine countless acts of environmental contamination. There are no large institutions of higher learning protesting or green minded people trying to save wildlife.
Oh it's over there and they're the enemy! So that's alright! Apparently when this occurs the contamination doesn't travel towards us as we're constantly told other events precipitate!
I've also forgotten to mention another trivial point! The people beneath the expensive, profit producing aircraft, and "smart" bombs. If you were bombed 40 days straight as was reported about Baghdad how would you feel?
Oh poor little old silly, uneducated me, it's the fact that they hate "our freedom" that makes them terrorists! Not the inconvenience of having their families slaughtered before their eyes!
I must do something about these abnormal thoughts and consider myself lucky to be "free"!

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