Monday, May 30, 2011


Welcome to the marathon carnage projected on US television this weekend. The occasion to set off these festivities? Commemoration of Memorial Day!
As if it's not enough to send youth to their early demise in the pursuit of "protecting the under trodden" (pursuit of empire and profits), injury is added to insult. This is all part of public relations spinning the war effort as patriotism, honour, and the American Way! The most popular video games these days train gamers in the wonderful art of warfare.
We have renamed the route from repatriated war dead's final trip from the military air base to the coroner's office, "The Highway of Heroes". They are, but not in the way intended, they thought we needed defending from aggressors, not from doing the government's political bidding.
If you think that this is off base please read WAR IS A RACKET, available for download on the internet, written by US Marine Commandant Smedley Butler circa 1930.

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