Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TSA architect rips Logan’s ‘mindless’ screening

TSA architect rips Logan’s ‘mindless’ screening
He probably got a taste of his own medicine and doesn't like it! Meanwhile ordinary law abiding citizens have put up with this nonsense much too long.
Years ago, I watched an elderly couple go through an 'inspection' where they made him remove his shoes, and confiscated a nail of nail clippers to make for a safer flight for the rest of his fellow travelers. Of course. They got separated because he was being tardy due to security targeting, but after much consternation, and stress for them all was well with the world again.
Later, on the flight to Jamaica, they serve us our meals, thankfully. Along with our utensils, METAL knives and forks!
I feel so safe now! THANK YOU
Sarcasm intended!

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