Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spoiler alert!

First the good news: the only good thing that could possibly happen during this election has occured. One of the major three parties has won, but only with a minority government. That means they have to co-operate to govern. They should be too busy watching each other to concern themselves over our demise.
That's the theory; but the other shoe hasn't dropped yet! There is another option.
Since the Liberals have won 54 seats and the limit for majority rule is 55 they need to find only one elected member to "cross" the floor. That's the politically correct way of describing a betrayal. One of the system and the electorate, and showing the true nature of our democratic system. We the people have decided what sort of governance should be implemented for the next four years. And our decision should be honoured by the shills professing to serve us!

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