Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ever since I was able to vote for the first time this day, whether federally or provincially, was full of hope. Hope for the future whether to change or stay the same. Praising the system designed for the populace to speak out collectively and reveal their mind! What a state of euphoria that gave me!
I lambasted those malcontents who wouldn't participate in the process and exercise their rights afforded them by being free. My comment to my spouse when asked who to vote for was: find out the facts and decide which is better suited for you.
Slowly, however, the screw has turned. Memes have been challenged and changed. I used to believe corporations were businesses offering goods and services for profit, police exist to help and aid law abiding citizens, the military was created to defend our nation, and we live in a free country.
What to do? That is the quandry facing 48% of this province's voters. What to do?

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