Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buyer beware!

It's Saturday morning and you're off to do your weekly chores. One of them is to join the masses and descend upon the local grocery store. Up and down the aisles you go selecting products.
You get to one section and the selection seems numerous. There are many differently coloured packages, some orange, blue, red, green and other shades of the prism. But the spectrum of prices attached vary greatly! What to do? You take each item off the shelf and read the labels and the content information. Finally the selection is made based upon your own personal criteria.
Next time you return and decide to make another selection, get home, open it up and discover that it's the same! Each subsequent visit reinforces that fact. You switch continually back and forth with no variety or change. A bit frustrating isn't it?
Now imagine the product were a political party. Would or should they be judged for false advertising?
Why should we put up with the same old same old?

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