Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's going on?

As I was watching 'The Truth About Smart Meters' on You Tube I started thinking about all the other intrusions into our lives. Traffic cameras monitoring, CCTV for safety, licence 'readers' and other devices ad nauseum. What are we doing 'wrong' to warrant such surveillance?
Perhaps it's only me being cynical and loving a good conspiracy. I seem to suffer from some form of mental illness because of my iconoclastic nature. Or so the 'norm' would have me believe!
Is it just bureaucracy bloating itself like some parasite on the host? Or could it possibly be a master conspiracy like some contend.
At the start of the video mentioned a gentleman talks about the elephant in the room. And he uses it as an allegory describing how we individually only see certain parts, ie. ear, trunk, legs, and fail to connect it properly to the whole picture. Perhaps that's true or perhaps it's just individual parts.
Either case could be valid. But why should we have to pay for it without a proper recourse in open and fair discussion? After all it is a free society. RIGHT?
If not, my delusions are real!

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